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Golden Charter Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Have you ever thought about your funeral? There comes a time in all our lives when it's natural to contemplate such things... a time to think about loved ones, and what you'd like to leave them.

Not the burden of funeral costs, obviously. Or the worry of deciding on the funeral arrangements. Surely the bereaved have to suffer enough without going through this ordeal.

A Golden Charter plan spares them this distress, for you specify and pay for the arrangements in advance.

In recent years funeral expenses have outstripped inflation. This is mainly because of rising cemetery and crematorium costs, as well as an increase in fees charged by doctors and clergy. Unlike many other funeral planning companies, Golden Charter includes these expenses in the price. Your plan is complete. Once you've paid, neither you nor your family will ever be asked for a penny more for the arrangements selected - no matter how much funeral costs may rise.

You have the option of easy monthly instalments (with no extra charge if completed within 12 months) or a single one-off payment. To ensure your money is secure, a legally separate trust administers the funds.

With Golden Charter you have a choice of bespoke funeral plans or four flexible plans. Each can be personalised in any way you choose. No matter how simple or unusual the request, we guarantee your wishes will be honoured. Just contact W & M J Rossiter & Sons Ltd for any advice at no obligation.

The Woodland TrustThe Woodland Trust

Since 1995 Golden Charter have helped the Woodland Trust plant more than 200,000 trees through this unique partnership. Your decision to choose Golden Charter will benefit you and future generations.

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