Independent Family Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons (EST 1949)

Our Services

Funeral Fleet

RossitersWe have a fleet of Volvo limousines and hearse plus hearsette, custom built for the conveyance of deceased; We are also able to provide the services of a horse drawn hearse.

Printed Service Sheets

We produce printed service sheets personalised to your very own specification with details about the service, choice of hymns, photographs and text.

Following Cars

We are able to supply limousines, each seating up to six people in comfort.

Newspaper Notices

We should be pleased to help compile obituary notices for local and national newspapers.


RossitersFloral tributes may be sent to our offices on the day of the funeral. These can then be placed in position before the hearse leaves for the funeral.


Donations to a charity in lieu of flowers can be received by ourselves on your behalf, with all cheques made payable to the chosen charity.

Fees & Disbursements

We make all payments to Clergy, Crematorium or Cemetery, Doctors, Newspapers etc. as required or instructed and account to you in our itemised account.

Burial's Arranged

There are many council run cemeteries and churchyards in Pembrokeshire where we can arrange interments including opening of graves, maintenance and erection of memorials.

Cremation's Arranged

Our closest crematorium is in Narberth which is a council run crematorium, with it’s beautiful Chapel, well maintained gardens and fantastic view’s of the Preseli Mountains brings peace and tranquillity to the service.

Natural Burial Grounds

Choosing a natural burial means that your funeral will create the minimal possible impact on the environment, what better legacy could you leave future generations.

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