Independent Family Funeral Directors & Monumental Masons (EST 1949)

What to do if death occurs

If death occurs at home

Telephone the doctor, who will need to visit to certify death. Contact W & M J Rossiter & Sons, we will call to convey the deceased any time at your request and convenience. We will then either visit you at home, or you can call at either of our offices, to discuss the funeral arrangements and advise you of the registration procedures.

If death occurs in hospital or Nursing Home

Contact W & M J Rossiter & Sons we will arrange to convey the deceased to our Chapel of Rest. We will either visit you at home, or you can call at our office, to discuss the funeral arrangements and advise you of registration procedures.

Registration Procedure

1 A death must be registered in the district in which it has occurred, within 5 days. The doctor's Certificate of Death should be taken to the Registrar's Office with, if possible, the Medical Card and Birth Certificate of the Deceased. An appointment must be made to attend registrar where the following information will be required;

2 The Registrar will require:

  • Death Certificate
  • Date of death
  • The full name and surname (and the maiden surname if the deceased was a woman who had been married)
  • Medical Card or NHS number
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Last occupation
  • Their usual address
  • Whether the deceased was in receipt of a pension or allowance from public funds.
  • If the deceased was married, the date of birth of the surviving widow or widower.

3 In return the Registrar will issue a GREEN FORM which is required by us before the funeral can take place, a White Form to cancel state pension and copies of Death Certificate as required (extra copies are chargable)

4 If the death is referred to the Coroner, it would be advisable to contact us so that provisional arrangements can be made prior to the Coroner giving permission for the registration and funeral to take place.

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